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  • 01 Jan 2010

    Sony HD cameras bring Avatar to life in 3D

    Avatar used Sony high-definition digital cinematography cameras to create a visually immersive 3D experience. The movie combines live action sequences with state-of-the-art special effects and, according to the production teams, the Sony cameras were the right choice to deliver...... Read More

  • 01 Jan 2010

    Quantel Pablo deployed for Avatar

    The landmark film Avatar is a massively ambitious project that combines live action Stereo3D with cutting edge 3D animation. Around 75 percent of the shots in the movie are VFX shots, which were completed at facilities all round the...... Read More

  • 01 Jan 2010

    Avatar graphic dimensions come alive

    James Cameron’s stereoscopic 3D feature film Avatar had numerous stereographic and Holotable displays, animated graphics, immersive environments and other visual effects created by Prime Focus. A team of approximately 90 was spread across Prime Focus’ Los Angeles, Vancouver and...... Read More

  • 01 Jan 2010

    SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 digital media experience

    Yokohama, Japan – SIGGRAPH Asia 2009, the region’s largest display of the latest in computer graphics, interactive techniques, and digital media and content, attracted 6,500 visitors from more than 50 countries. More than 500 artists, academics, and industry experts...... Read More

  • 01 Jan 2010

    Australian film takes top honours at apsa 2009

    Australian film Samson & Delilah won the Best Feature Film award at the third annual Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA). Produced by Kath Shelper and written and directed by Warwick Thornton, Samson & Delilah previously won the Camera d’Or...... Read More

  • 01 Jan 2010

    3D – the continuing evolution of HDTV

    There is no doubt that stereoscopic 3D is the next step that many in the movie industry and manufacturers of consumer electronics alike see as the evolution to delivering quality content to the home theatre market. Just how close...... Read More

  • 01 Jan 2010

    Opening Pandora’s Box breakthrough technology in the making of Avatar

    James Cameron’s Avatar achieves several milestones in filmmaking technology. Cameron wrote his first treatment for the movie in 1995 with the intention of pushing the boundaries of what was possible with cinematic digital effects. In his view, making Avatar...... Read More

  • 01 Nov 2009

    Interactive digital media industry grows

    The Singapore government has identified the interactive digital media industry as a key economic growth area, one it hopes will create 10,000 new, well-paying jobs by 2015. The republic’s good telecommunications infrastructure, strong intellectual property regime and government support...... Read More

  • 01 Nov 2009

    Notes from an Emmy winning editor

    Kris Trexler is a two-time Emmy award winning video/film editor, and has been honoured with five Emmy nominations during his long career. Trexler has worked with Hollywood’s top television producers and directors, having edited many genres including situation comedies,...... Read More

  • 01 Nov 2009

    Compositing to create crowds

    Here is a practical guide to the commonly used post techniques of green screen and crowd duplication. The green screen is a means to an end, the means by which you separate your subject correctly for compositing purposes... Read More

  • 01 Nov 2009

    cutting cAPITAL Costs with DreamColor

    Singapore-based Widescreen Media is a post-production house specialising in high definition online editing, colour grading and motion graphics for the broadcast and feature film markets. Responsible for the post-production of award-winning feature film 18 Grams of Love, Widescreen has...... Read More

  • 01 Nov 2009

    IBC 2009 delivers a successful event

    Despite some pessimistic predictions, IBC2009 exceeded expectations, delivering a final attendance of 45,547, just seven percent down on the 2008 figure. Taking exhibitors out of the calculation, visitor numbers were even more impressive, falling by less than five percent....... Read More

  • 01 Sep 2009

    Going virtual in a 3D world

    While audiences are finding alternatives for their entertainment through the internet, gaming and home cinema, filmmakers have woken up to the fact that there is more revenue to be had from stereoscopic 3D films. A more cynical view is...... Read More

  • 01 Sep 2009

    Geng the animation adventure begins

    Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula, the first feature length animation to hit the silver screen in Malaysia raked in the second highest ticket collection in the history of Malaysian film. The film is notable as it is the first 3D animated...... Read More

  • 01 Sep 2009

    High Voltage results with camcorders

    Crank: High Voltage, the highly anticipated sequel to Mark Neveldine’s popular Crank (2006), is notable for the filmmakers’ experimentation with new recording methods and technology of the kind seldom seen before in Hollywood. Co-directors Neveldine and Brian Taylor aimed...... Read More

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