Redefine versatility with the new RAYO S1 mini projector

The stylish RAYO S1 extends its capability beyond mobile projection to offer the versatile options of communicating, charging and storing

bluetooth speaker Canon RAYO S1 mini projector Versatility


Clad in a metallic black exterior with chic gold trimming, the new RAYO S1 is a timeless tool measuring 105mm in both length and width, 20mm in depth, and 240g in weight. As a pocket-sized mini projector, the multifunction device can be ported around and set up with ease, making it an ideal companion for a variety of purposes from entertainment to education to business.


Going beyond projection capabilities, the RAYO S1 can double up as both a bluetooth speaker and power bank with 3,800mAH capacity for charging. For added convenience, teleconferencing can also be conducted in isolation of other devices, and users can also tap on the 4GB memory to preload music, videos and presentation on the device for maximum efficiency. Designed with a smart touch pad, users can to navigate through all the functions of the RAYO S1 all with a simple touch.

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