Axon’s HDR Technical Guide puts ennhanced pictures & The Future of TV in the spotlight

CTO Peter Schut presents how to address the technical challenges of HDR and WCG for an enhanced viewing experience.

Axon’s HDR Technical Guide ennhanced pictures Peter Schut The Future of TV


GILZE A new paper released, “The Road to Enhanced Pictures: A technical guide to HDR and WCG”, Peter Schut – Axon’s CTO and VP of R&D – discusses the challenges faced by both broadcasters and manufacturers as they strive for better pixels, improved colour reproduction and a higher dynamic range.


Whilst Ultra HD is still in the very early stages of roll-out for both production and transmission, the new breed of entertainment services, notably Netflix and Amazon Prime, have made UHD a primary specification for programming and are looking at techniques to further enhance the viewing experience. To compete and survive, broadcasters must now provide viewers with absolutely stunning pictures, regardless of the platform they are watching on.   However, with broadcast image technology currently in a state of flux, with several formats and systems – both old and new – likely to co-exist for some time to come, the industry is still learning what all this means and what needs to be done.

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