Moose FM Branding uses ENCO DAD Radio automation to improve workflow

The Switch to ENCO DAD from earlier automation system saves time and simplifies tasks while providing flexible foundation for future growth

ENCO DAD Radio automation improve workflow Moose FM Branding Reaburn


Deployment of the new ENCO DAD solution went similarly flawlessly. ENCO converted Moose FM’s library database in advance and remotely pre-configured the new systems – three workstations for on-air, production, and traffic/administration – before providing two days of commissioning and training on site. “It was a very smooth process, especially considering how critical on-air automation is to a radio station these days,” recounted Reaburn. “Integrating DAD with our existing Selector music scheduling software and Natural Log traffic system was also very straightforward, and they work together seamlessly.”


Going beyond just serving as a robust replacement for Moose FM’s previous system, ENCO DAD also brought the station immediateoperational improvements. “With DAD, it’s so much easier and faster to get ads and other content into the system,” said Reaburn. “We simply drag the audio files into a folder, and the DAD Dropbox utility automatically ingests them into the library while performing any needed format conversions in the background. DAD has removed a lot of room for manual errors and significantly reduced the time we spend loading in content, especially for longer-form programs. We save five hours each week in staff time just in this facet alone.”

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