Leader LV5490 deployed by Radio Télévision Suisse in UHD HDR Trials at Montreux Jazz Festival

Accompanying image shows UHD-HDR post-production of the Montreux Jazz Festival in progress at RTS in Geneva.

Leader LV5490 Montreux Jazz Festival Radio Télévision Suisse UHD HDR Trials

“The LV5490 proved highly effective in ensuring that the full advantages of high-dynamic-range compared with standard-dynamic-range were maintained from the point of capture right through the live production process,” comments Yannick Dumartineix, Head of Studios & OB Vehicles at RTS. “Using the instrument to monitor critical parameters allowed the production team to ensure that their HDR cameras were correctly adjusted both in terms of system alignment and exposure settings. Leader’s intuitive Cinezone HDR feature was particularly appreciated along with the LV5490’s ability to display the extended HDR colour gamut.”

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