Cinegy Daniel2 GPU Codec enters Public Beta

Professional 8K 60fps 10bit Playback on NVIDIA-equipped PC or Laptop.

MUNICH/WASHINGTON DC – Cinegy has been teasing audiences at tradeshows with 8K recording and playback demos; highlighting the performance advantages of its new NVIDIA GPU accelerated video codec, Daniel2.

The last public Daniel2 teaser occurred at NAB 2017 in April, where Cinegy showed a dual-core 13-inch MacBookPro connected via Thunderbolt3 to an external Akitio Node “eGPU“ box with an NVIDIA GTX1080 inside, which was attached to a brand new Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K 8K monitor. This setup played 8K @ 60fps – or when vsync was turned off, at up to 180fps. Another new feature that Cinegy has added to its bag of tricks is that during the realtime playback, 3D LUT-based color profiles can be applied. This provides initial professional color grading on the fly, which is not meant to replace packages such as BMD Resolve or Adobe Speedgrade but is a very useful feature to get an immediate impression of how a piece of video could look after post production.

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