By Janet Lafleur, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Quantum

cloud-based production media asset management (MAM) system SSL encryption WAN-accelerated transfer

Media consumption on everything from smartphones and smart TVs to head-mounted displays and cinema screens is driving production facilities to work with an ever-greater volume, size and variety of files. To gain the agility and efficiency necessary to work effectively with this explosion of content, modern media facilities are moving forward in establishing secure, cost-effective and flexible production workflows spanning on-premise and cloud.

The security of content in the cloud has proved to be no more significant a concern than is security for any other system holding sensitive or valuable data, and production companies of all sizes already have become comfortable using it for long-term content storage and protection. Client-side encryption with user key management and further SSL encryption of data in flight, combined with encryption support of applications used on the ground and in the cloud, provide content security that is satisfactory to most media companies.

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