Iceberg-X is known for coming up with customised dynamic experiences for environments, media, events and spaces. Project Director Alaldin Nazeer and Creative Director Jon Griffi n highlight the assignments IceBerg-X has undertaken to incorporate immersive experience for organisations in a world of new windows and new screens. Thanussha Priyah reports.

IceBerg-X LED engineering Technology

With a unique touch, a group of dynamic artists, technologists, engineers, architects, designers, brand strategists, lighting experts, programmers and filmmakers, experiences are formed through transmedia which is a technique of expressing a story across multiple platforms and formats with the use of digital technologies.

IceBerg-X takes advantage of various hardware and software to create multisensory architecture, virtual-reality, custom LED engineering, immersive media, interactive branding and technology, holographic projection, special huge format media, sensory and gestural interaction and applications. The immersive experience affects our daily lives through the connection and emotional factor of involving the human senses.

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