Iceberg-X is known for coming up with customised dynamic experiences for environments, media, events and spaces. Project Director Alaldin Nazeer and Creative Director Jon Griffi n highlight the assignments IceBerg-X has undertaken to incorporate immersive experience for organisations in a world of new windows and new screens. Thanussha Priyah reports.

IceBerg-X LED engineering Technology

Imagine a room with a super-size screen on one wall, a couch against the far wall and a table laden with a console and wearable gear. With the stroke of a key, a viewer-cum-player, along with real-life or virtual friends, pays for the experience of the next few hours. He or she then grasps a joystick for a multidimensional ride in which some of the twice and turns of the story’s plot are controlled by the viewers.

Such a vision of how consumers will be interacting with entertainment content is no longer far-fetched. Think of Avatar on steroids. “In just a few years, we are going to see a few productions that stand at the intersection of movies and gaming. They’ll represent an immersive experience unlike anything before,” says Jon Griffi n, Creative Director at IceBerg-X.

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