Flying High and Fast with Sony PMW-F55

When Peter Beeh was tasked with shooting a television commercial for the new Bentley Continental at high speed in a hot and dusty condition on the Stuart Highway, he decided to choose the camera most reliable and flexible for the results he needed.

camera Peter Beeh Sony PMW-F55



When Peter Beeh was given a television commercial project featuring Bentley cars showcasing the 16MY Bentley Continental GT Speed being taken to a top speed of its 331km/h capability, he chose the Sony PMW-F55 camera for the task.


The Stuart Highway, which cuts Australia in half from north to south, lies in the Northern Territory. It covers a distance of 2,834km from Darwin to Port Augusta in South Australia, approximately the same distance from London to Istanbul or New York to Denver. The car was driven by Australian racing legend John Bowe, deep in the hot and dusty highway on a stretch of the road where there is no imposed speed limit.


The look of the television commercial was very specific and the team needed the camera that is flexible and able to withstand the tough conditions of the Stuart Highway.


What did you have to take into consideration in choosing the correct camera for the shoot?

We needed to consider the camera performance given the high speed nature of the subject. We also need to consider the form factor of the camera that allows flexibility.


What was also required was a camera with a large sensor feel to give us the cinematic look as well as the ability to shoot off speed. As a two camera shoot we needed a camera system where we could expect the images to match well without having to spend large amounts of time in post bringing them into line. In short, we needed a very efficient camera with quality recording codec with a 10 bit colour depth minimum that could deliver high quality images at a price that wouldn’t break the bank. Safety management was absolutely the number one logistical consideration for the producer when shooting the spot.


With all possible scenarios considered, Beeh chose the Sony PMW-F55 camera for the project to suit the logistic and creative requirements.

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