Quantum’s latest product, the Xcellis made its debut at BroadcastAsia 2016. Quantum’s Jim Simon, spoke to Maisie Loh on the capabilities of the company’s latest storage system that meets the ever demanding needs of archiving and working on increasingly large media files in post production.

BRoadcastAsia 2016 Quantum Xcellis

What’s the latest development at Quantum?


Xcellis is our brand new platform, built on StorNext 5. It really helps people with their entire media workflow from ingest, to editing, to special effects, transcoding and probably more importantly, archive. We’re certainly seeing the size of files increasing dramatically, as people are moving from HD (high-definition) to HDR (high-dynamic range), 2K, 4K, even up to 8K. The amount of the files, that they’re working with are so large that it puts a big bottleneck in their workflows, and long-term storage is quite expensive as well. With Xcellis and the StorNext 5 platform we’re able to help people speed up their time from creation to transmission and long time archive.

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