Crisp and Clear: Adele’s Hello to the World’s Arenas

Known for her powerful vocals, the production behind Adele’s Live 2016 tour was determined to bring out her vocals without distraction by giving the audience a powerful and clear sound.

acoustic L-Acoustics loudspeakers sound stage



With 105 arena shows, multiple nights in virtually every venue which included six at Madison Square Garden, London’s O2 and the Los Angeles Staples Center, and every show sold out far in advance – Adele’s Live 2016 tour is both big on both numbers and positive critical reviews. Those reviews have all focused on Adele’s voice.


The production intentionally lacks dancers and hi-tech special effects to ensure the attention of every audience member is solely on Adele and her voice. In order to achieve that focus, sound provider Black Box Music provided an L-Acoustics K2 system.


The show design dictated that audio equipment stay invisible, yet provide powerful, clear sound and, above all, be unfailingly reliable. As Front of House engineer Dave Bracey notes, “It’s a classy show and, even more than usual, nothing is allowed to go wrong.”


Designing the system was a challenge because there is a very clean look to the triangular main stage and strict requirements for sight lines and projection, so we had to fly all the K2 very high,” says system designer and technician Ulf Oeckel, who, like Dave, has previously worked on tours by Pink and Cher. “The K2 was the perfect choice because, despite the sight line requirements, it gives us the projection needed to deliver Adele’s voice to each and every fan in the audience.

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