DPA d:facto Front and Centre For James Blake’s Unique Vocal Chain

The ‘rock solid’ performance of the company’s d:facto Vocal Microphone has helped the award-winning singer transition his studio sound to the live stage.

DPA d:facto James Blake

For Blake’s current tour, Harley is using an analogue desk – either a Midas Heritage or XL4. The mic pres on these desks are proving to be perfect for the job in hand and far more suitable than the 500 series high end studio mic pres he originally tried.

“With those, the detail in the very higher frequency spectrum became somewhat overwhelming, especially when James’ mic pre enhanced a lot of unwanted ambient stuff,” he explains.

For EQ and compression, he is using an insert of the Empirical Labs Lil Freq and a Distressor. For vocal effects he uses a Meris Mercury 7 as his main reverb because he likes its sense of body and character and its meatier sound. He also uses other processing effects for specific songs.

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