DPA d:facto Front and Centre For James Blake’s Unique Vocal Chain

The ‘rock solid’ performance of the company’s d:facto Vocal Microphone has helped the award-winning singer transition his studio sound to the live stage.

DPA d:facto James Blake

james-blake-1Alleroed, Denmark – The tight polar pattern of DPA’s d:facto Vocal Microphone is helping British singer-songwriter James Blake deliver crystal clear vocals in a live setting, with minimal interferences from extraneous ambient noise.

Front of House engineer Jamie Harley suggested trying a d:facto because he needed a microphone that could truly focus the sound of Blake’s vocals within the space of his instrumentation.

“We needed a great live mic that could clearly deliver James’ sound without too much unwanted ambience, especially as he does a lot of vocal looping on the fly,” Harley says. “The d:facto is solid as a rock with a tight polar pattern for on stage vocals, which allows our monitor engineer to hieve a fantastic, clean vocal sound for James and a superb sound all round. It is the perfect microphone for this kind of music, which has a lot of space around it for the vocal to sit in. It is also very solid and you really notice the difference between d:facto and some of the old faithfuls that we used to use.”

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