Meet the Creative: Special Interview with Vittorio Storaro on colour

FilmLight talked to legendary cinematographer Vittorio Storaro in Los Angeles this summer. He had just completed work on Café Society with director Woody Allen. It was Allen’s first taste of digital shooting.

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You’ve done 58 movies on film. What was your first experience with DI?

A long time ago, someone at Kodak asked me what I thought about digital intermediate vs. film. Because I had already started doing transfer from film to telecine, I had some experience of the process. But the quality was not there yet though: digital cameras and colour correctors were still in their ‘infancy’.

My first experience in digital finishing was on a movie called Muhammad: The Messenger of God. In 2011 and 2012 we were doing the pre-production and production of the film, which we shot in Iran. I shot on film because in my opinion no digital camera could handle such drastic changing weather conditions. One segment though was transferred digitally, mostly for VFX purposes.

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