ZERO FX: Creating a new perspective in action filmmaking

ZERO VFX’s CG magic brings the adrenalin pumping car chasing scene in the successful crowdfunded Hardcore Henry to life.

Hardcore Henry ZERO FX

Source: ZERO FX Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry is undoubtedly one of the most distinct cinematic offerings of 2016. Partially crowdfunded on Indiegogo and directed by Russian director Ilya Naishuller, Hardcore Henry doesn’t just turn the action movie crazy dial up – it approaches the genre from an entirely different perspective. The first-person perspective, that is.

Whether pursuing a fleeing enemy on foot or escaping from a floating mid-air fortress, the audience spends the entirety of Hardcore Henry watching through the eyes of the titular protagonist. Filmed via a GoPro worn by a stuntman-cameraman lead, the action is blisteringly paced and intensely violent, rushing headfirst through wince-inducing hand-to-hand battles, blood-drenched shootouts, and one truly explosive highway car chase.

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