Colour Grading Woody Allen’s first digital feature on Baselight

Anthony Raffaele, Senior Colorist, Technicolor PostWorks NY

Anthony Raffaele Cafe Society Woody Allen

When I started, we were primarily working with film on Spirit telecines, then switched to non-linear colour correction and finally to Baselight. I moved to Deluxe New York for the next six years, where the opportunity arose to grade Blue Bloods, a big CBS show. I had a chance to do a couple of feature films as well, working with cinematographers such as Rachel Morrison, Igor Martinovic, and Dean Cundey.

I moved to Technicolor PostWorks New York in 2014. One of the draws of coming here was that they support Baselight, so I jumped at the opportunity.

  • How did you get to work with Vittorio Storaro?

I met Vittorio Storaro when we were testing the F65 camera in 4K projection at Technicolor PostWorks. I ended up colouring both the dailies and the final for Café Society. I consider it a huge honour and a lifetime opportunity to work with him.

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