New integrated application added to TerraBlock Shared Storage Systems

FastTracker, the simplest and fastest way to track all video, audio and still image formats on Facilis TerraBlock Solutions

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Facilis - FastTracker1 jpg Photo: FastTracker by Facilis

HUDSON, MA – Facilis, the international supplier of cost-effective, high-performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, released FastTracker, a new, integrated application for cataloging, searching and viewing any media within TerraBlock Shared Storage Systems. FastTracker offers the quickest way to find media, view it, and bring it directly into an editing application.

“This is just the right amount of media management for our workflow, because we didn’t want to take away time from creating content to manage all of our data. We needed fast, intuitive search with the ability to instantly view what we’ve found, and immediately access that on our editing systems,” said Ira Klusendorf, video production manager at Steinhafels Inc., and beta user of FastTracker. “FastTracker has made us more productive. There’s no training required, it just does what you expect. I was surprised how easy it was to find a clip and drop it into my project with no additional steps.”

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