Cinegy says OK to 8K

Many television stations worldwide have yet to make the transition to HD, let alone 4K. In fact, many new facilities are being built in SD only, so is it really that difficult, or even necessary, to rush to ever-higher resolutions?

Cinegy Cinegy CTO Co-founder Jan Weigner codecs DANIEL2 codec

Cinegy CTO and Co-founder Jan Weigner said no, and yes, respectively to the question of whether it is necessary to adopt higher resolutions for television stations worldwide.

“Whether you get on the SD, HD, 4K, or even 8K train, they’ve all left the station,” said Weigner. “Although some are on cruise control plying well-known routes, others are accelerating toward destinations that could until recently only be theorized. The common denominator is that they are all moving. You just need to decide when, where, and how to get on board.”

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