Canon unveils cameras capable of capturing in extreme low light conditions

The new ME20F-SH and ME200S-SH launched as latest additions to Canon’s multi-purpose camera range.

Canon low light cameras ME200S-SH ME20F-SH ultra sensitive cameras

IMG_4215 Photo: Canon ME20F-SH

ME20F-SH Features

The ME20F-SH, a 2.26 megapixel CMOS sensor 35 mm full-frame camera that captures in 1920 by 1080, has19 microns pixels on the sensors, which means the resolution is more than 7.5 times larger than an equivalent 18.1 megapixel 35 mm full-frame sensor. This large pixel allows the camera to capture in extreme low-light and maintain a low noise image. The ultra high sensitive camera can be used in situations with a subject illuminated by less than 0.0005 lux, which is almost pitch dark, at maximum 75 dB gain setting.

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