IP: Winning the game for sports broadcasters

The prospect of 4K and higher resolutions are not the only key drivers for the push to adopt IP for sports broadcasters. RT Software’s Luke Harrison tells us how IP opens up opportunities for sports broadcasters while increasing performance and reducing costs.

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LukeHarrison_RTSoftware Luke Harrison, Technical Product Marketing Manager, RT Software

There is no doubt that IP technology will be a game-changer in sports broadcasting. Whether it is a precision planned OB operation for a global sporting event, a virtual studio for a live programme or covering a smaller, niche sport – the use of IP has the potential to simplify sporting applications and make them far more cost effective and operationally efficient.

Changing Resolutions and Infrastructures

One of the drivers behind the step towards IP in broadcasting is the prospect of 4K and higher resolutions coming on to the horizon. There is a strong connection between UHD and the move towards IT-type technology and in the future having an infrastructure that is tied into a single format does not make sense economically.

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