Are You Catching Up With Viewers’ Habits?

Recent years have born witness to a quiet revolution in media consumption patterns. Viewing habits are changing rapidly from TV to a variety of options. Despite this seismic change in viewing patterns, the live space continues to grip viewing audiences worldwide. Paul Turner, vice-president of enterprise product management at Telestream asks whether broadcasters are keeping pace with their ability to bring live action to the broadest range of platforms and thereby retain the loyalty of their multi-platform viewers.

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Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented explosion in the number of devices that are capable of playing media content. Compared with previous generations, today’s generation X pay much less attention to television broadcast schedules. Many claim not to own a TV set, preferring to view content on their personal computer, tablet or smartphone. This global phenomenon presents content owners and network operators with a tremendous commercial opportunity since much of this growth is within emerging markets, opening up new viewing audiences that are craving for content.

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