May – June 2016


  • #Social TV

    How the advent of social media platforms such as Twitter has created opportunities for broadcasters in engaging viewership globally.… Read More

Editor's Notes

  • Beyond creative excellence

    Storytelling lies in the heart of content production although the first film recorded by the Lumière brothers depicted a real life arrival of a train. The ability to record moving pictures have sparked our curiosity in how the world function around us, using the camera as a shared observer of everyday life rather than seeing it from different eyes. Finally, we could all share one perception of an observed event.… Read More

Case Study

  • Is baseband dead?

    The broadcast industry is one defined by change, innovation, and transition. The prevailing trend at the moment is the seemingly inevitable move towards adopting an IP-based infrastructure throughout the workflow as explained by Nevion’s Olivier Suard.… Read More

Expert View

  • Making social media experience an intrinsic part of OTT services

    While many broadcasters are migrating to OTT services to retain or increase their market share of viewers, the value of offering a platform for viewers to communicate with others on the content or connecting with the audience to understand their viewing behaviour has not been captured by content providers. Vimond Media Solutions’s Helge Høibraaten gives his insights on how providers can better connect with and add value to their viewers by providing a social TV solution.… Read More

  • The Future is Now

    In a future where automation and digitisation change how we communicate, live and work, Gerd Leonhard of The Futures Agency provides his foresight of the near future to come, how we are affected and if humanity itself will be threatened by the inevitable coming digital age.… Read More

  • Transforming video delivery

    From digital broadcasting to video delivery to multiple platforms, broadcasters have depended on hardware-based encoders but in this fast-paced technology environment, it is time to move into virtualisation explains Rémi Beaudouin, ATEME’s vice-president of marketing.… Read More


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