PMC gives Jun Inoue his “silky voice”

In an unusual move for Japanese producers, Jun Inoue has set up his own studio so that he has access to the best possible speaker sound.

case study loudspeakers PMC user experience

“Most of these studios do not have good speakers that generate powerful and quality middle-low frequencies,” he explains. “The audio may not be centred or balanced according to the structure of the room. I also worried about the time and cost of renting these studios,  so I decided to build a home studio just like Motown’s “Hitsville U.S.A”, where I could invite my friends at any time and be able to work in a friendly environment.”

Jun started work on his own studio in Tokyo Shibuya-ku, close to Meiji Shrine. With his natural ear for quality and his desire to achieve the same audio excellence as his peers, Jun did not hesitate when it came to investing in a fully active, full range BB5 XBD-A speaker system.

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