PMC gives Jun Inoue his “silky voice”

In an unusual move for Japanese producers, Jun Inoue has set up his own studio so that he has access to the best possible speaker sound.

case study loudspeakers PMC user experience

PMC speakers installed in Jun Inoue’s new studio.


Biggleswade, UK—Responsible for the meteoric success of Japanese super groups Arashi and KAT-TUN, producer Jun Inoue, aka Silky Voice, recently completed construction of his home studio, which includes PMC’s flagship BB5 XBD-A monitoring system.

Although he is one of Japan’s premier producers, artists and writers, Jun Inoue is also highly unusual because very few producers – even ones of his standing – set up their own home studios. The nature of the Japanese music industry is such that most productions are completed in commercial facilities, but as Jun knows these are not always suitable for everyone’s style of production.

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