‘The Pretend One’ shot with Sony’s PXW-FS7 cameras

Australian movie is the first feature length film shot with Sony’s PXW-FS7 cameras

PXW-FS7 Sony

On set both FS7 cameras were put to the test, shooting all day every day without a break. As Morton described, the production had a very ambitious schedule and could not afford any setbacks.

He added, “The cameras didn’t fail once which was unbelievable. The FS7s were also very maneuverable, meaning that we were very agile and could shift setups really quickly saving us a lot of time on set. This also helped when transferring to Steadicam or a car mount. There were other major advantages to using FS7s such as the fact that we wanted a camera that was 4K and capable of recording up to 60fps, had internal Neutral Density filters to minimise filter changes when exterior lighting conditions changed plus had good colour and a wide dynamic range. Also the Sony Alpha mount allows for many different lens mounting options, changing between different mounts quickly. The bit depth of the camera in conjunction with the slog2 produced really fine gradation in colour and contrast.”

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