‘The Pretend One’ shot with Sony’s PXW-FS7 cameras

Australian movie is the first feature length film shot with Sony’s PXW-FS7 cameras

PXW-FS7 Sony

Asia-Pacific The Pretend One is an Australian feature film due for theatrical release in 2016. The film is directed by Tony Prescott, produced by Tony Prescott and Dinusha Ratnaweera and stars Geraldine Hakewill, Michael Whalley, Benedict Wall and David Field. It is also the first feature length film shot with Sony’s PXW-FS7 cameras.

DOP Robert Morton detailed the production’s choice of camera explaining, “Our shooting schedule was ambitious and given the limited amount of shoot days for the production phase, we employed a two-camera setup for a lot of scenes. This allowed us to get the coverage we needed quickly. Primarily, we wanted a camera with a cinematic look that was more lightweight and less cumbersome than other cameras on the market, so the FS7 was ideal. We also had a number of intricate Steadicam shots and the FS7’s lightweight design meant that we could handle them with ease. We also required a camera system that could record off speed, shoot low light or natural light and work quickly in changing lighting conditions and needed to be able to switch between PL primes and EF zoom lenses for particular shots. The film also included a number of VFX elements from green screen composites to sky replacement. All in all the FS7 ticked all our boxes.”

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