Rotolight and Sekonic break new ground on LED colour accuracy

Using the new SEKONIC C-700 SpectroMaster extensively in their phosphor chemistry design process, Rotolight was able to develop an advanced formulation, which delivers exceptional colour rendering results.

HMI LED lighting Rotolight Sekonic Corporaton

Sekonic Corporation, global specialists in engineering and manufacturing of precision design and advanced technology metering systems, has recently launched the sophisticated C-700 SpectroMaster series gaining immediate worldwide interest. Optimized to measure LED lighting in addition to all types of light sources, the C-700 measures, analyses and reports the true colour temperature and specular characteristics of a given light source including LED, HMI, Tungsten, Florescent, Electronic flash and Natural light spectrums.

When Rod Gammons, Chairman and Inventor of the Rotolight Products, discovered the Sekonic C-700, he knew he had finally found the tool he needed to accurately measure and monitor his development of the AccuColor LED Lighting System. In a recent online video interview Rod stated “NEO achieves outstanding color reproduction with an overall CRI (color rendering index) of Ra=95.6, skin tones at CRI=99 and TLCI of 91 (Television Lighting Consistency Index). NEO’s exceptional performance has been designed for today’s Cinematographers, DOP’s and Photographers who are capturing both HD and 4K, and who demand the greatest control and accuracy of colour.  Now this type of control is possible with great tools like the Rotolight NEO and the Sekonic C-700”.

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