Producer Greg Wells’s private studio fitted with PMC speakers

PMC's MB2S-XBD speakers now have pride of place in the studio's main control room.

case study Greg Wells PMC Speakers speakers user experience

“I never rent it out as it’s all customized to exactly how I want things set up,” he explains.

In recent months the main control room has become an even better place to work thanks to the inclusion of PMC MB2S-XBD speakers. As a development of PMC’s successful MB2S range, these speakers are hugely popular in quality conscious facilities thanks to their exceptional transparency, accuracy and extended LF performance.

“These are the only speakers I’ve ever worked on where I only hear the music itself,” Greg Wells explains. “There are no speaker artefacts, and nothing to get “used to”.  The very first mix I did on them was one of the best I’ve ever done and I thought it was a fluke.  I had the same reaction to the second mix.  It’s enormously helpful to be able to listen like this at my studio.”

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