Tedial to showcase Tedial Evolution for the first time in Europe at IBC 2015

Tedial Evolution is an enhanced version of Tedial’s Media IT platform that significantly extends MAM functionality

IBC MAM Tedial Tedial Evolution

Tedial Evolution’s general iT5 GUI


Málaga, Spain— Tedial is showcasing Tedial Evolution, an enhanced version of its Media IT platform, for the first time in Europe at IBC 2015. Tedial Evolution significantly extends MAM functionality with advanced search/indexing tools, new services to surf/explore archives, and improved integration between archive and workflow engines to reinforce a collaborative environment.

The new features include: a new GUI that offers a completely new user experience designed to speed both manual and automated workflows; a new Search/Indexing engine that has been extended to organise/search collections and other object related entities, to indexing very large databases via shared indexes, and to automatically tag descriptive metadata based on scoring of texts using stop words; True Object Relational Database, a new set of tools provides a service to manage group entities, a multi-level classification schema (collections, albums, series, projects, rights, delivery packages, etc.) based on dynamic, changing relations; an expanded Mediaset—all information related to an asset can be explored from the Mediaset view including Metadata, media files, attached documents, logical versions, processing or delivery orders; and an Extended Business Process Management Services to reinforce collaboration, allowing several users to work with the same asset.

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