PreSonus partners with Pensado’s Place

Pensado has become increasingly involved with PreSonus pro audio products

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With Pensado’s appreciation for PreSonus gear, it was understandable that he and executive producer/co-host Herb Trawick chose the PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2AI to mix Pensado’s Place. “The last video facility we worked at had a StudioLive AI mixer,” replies Pensado assistant Cole Nystrom, who mixes Pensado’s Place. “We fell in love because of its flexibility, layout, and ease of saving and recalling scenes. The signal flow and layout are really well done. And I love the XMAX preamps; I use them for the dialogue and for the musicians we host on the show. They sound incredible for guitars, bass, and drums. I use the onboard effects and the Fat Channel EQ and dynamics all the time. We’re also multitrack recording the show with Capture software,” explains Herb Trawick.

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