EXCLUSIVE Interview: Asia’s film industry: Experts on funding and distribution (Part 5)

Ahead of BroadcastAsia 2015, held from 2-5 June, Asia Image talked to five of the industry experts speaking at the 6th Creative Content Production Conference 2015 to share their thoughts on funding and distribution of Asian films and how filmmakers can reach wider viewers. This is the last of the interview series with Zainir Aminullah, Chief Executive Officer, Ideate Media.


Zainir Aminullah


What makes Asia different from other markets? How would you describe the level of business here in Asia?

Its diversity—which is both an advantage and a challenge. An advantage because you have different markets that you can target and focus on. You also get excellent wealth of inspiration for ideas. However, it is a great challenge because each territory has a specific or limited audience appeal and you need to find the right commercial balance to make your ideas feasible.

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