Silverdraft to build supercomputing lab in Hollywood

The Silverdraft Centre for Content Creation leverages Micron memory and storage technology to accelerate rendering workflows

Devil & Demon SC3 Silverdraft Silverdraft Centre for Content Creation supercomputer

The Devil & Demon supercomputer

Las Vegas, US – Silverdraft LLC has announced the creation of a supercomputing lab in the heart of Hollywood. Located at the historic Jim Henson Studios, The Silverdraft Centre for Content Creation (SC3) will enable freelance artists and creators of content, such as games, Virtual Reality (VR) and immersive cinema, to post-produce and render their projects using the fastest, most highly-optimised technology in the industry. It will offer a 4K screening theatre, as well as multiple creative bays running professional systems for post-production and rendering workflows for 3D animation, VFX, Digital Intermediate (DI) and finishing, as well as VR content creation for platforms such as Oculus Rift.

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