India’s blueFROG Club Franchise Expands with L-ACOUSTICS

XTi Architectural Series point-source technology is key to quality entertainment in latest blueFROG venue.

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blueFROG Club

blueFROG venues are renowned for their modern and dramatic design.  Pune is no exception, and the venue includes two full glass walls. Impressive for audience members, but a nightmare for sound design.  Kapil Thirwani, acoustic consultant for Munro Acoustics requested an L-ACOUSTICS’ XTi Architectural Series point-source for the main system and delay fills, and a pair of SB28s for low-end reinforcement to face the challenge.

The install took ten days, with a further week spent on optimising the system to get it up to speed before the first live shows took place.  “The architect was very helpful in the process; many a time we are given pre-defined points to hang our speakers, so that’s so often a major stumbling block, but here in Pune, we were given free rein to do what was best for the sound, which really helped,” explains Thirwani. “To overcome the reflections challenge, we played with the height and the wide splay angles of the XT system and then worked out an acoustic model to avoid these unwanted reflections. It worked perfectly.”

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