Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve used for SanDisk ad campaign

"The World Is Memorable" campaign took three directors around the world to capture everyday life around the themes of life, passion and colour.

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Pocket Cinema Camera SanDisk Taiyo Kikaku The World Is Memorable

Beijing – Blackmagic Design’s Pocket Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve were used on a new ad campaign by SanDisk, one of the world’s top brands for memory cards.
The World Is Memorable campaign was produced by the Tokyo-based Taiyo Kikaku production company and took three directors around the world to capture everyday life around the themes of life, passion and colour. One of the directors, Eiji Tanikawa, and his DP, Senzo Ueno, used the Pocket Cinema Camera to capture footage as they traveled through India and France over the course of a week.
”Everybody carried a camera to shoot people they saw at each location,” said Takao Inoue, Taiyo Kikaku producer. “They constantly shot anything interesting to them, and as a result, they captured enormous amounts of footage. Twenty seven hours of it.”
“I don’t think we could have achieved this job if we used big cameras. Carrying bigger equipment on locations makes the scale of the production bigger, which requires more staff. It also means a higher production cost. Bigger cameras are easily noticeable, so we would have to get permission for shooting everywhere we went. On top of that, even if we had enough budget to handle a big production and use big cameras, we wouldn’t have captured such great expressions from the people we shot with the Pocket Cinema Camera,” said Senzo Ueno.
“The Pocket Cinema Camera is the best camera for documentary or documentary like projects, which capture real people’s everyday lives like this SanDisk campaign,” explained Eiji Tanikawa. “It is nice, as the camera allowed me to shoot the subjects without them getting nervous. Usually, when someone has a camera pointed at them, they will feel tense, however when it’s over, they will relax. Our trick was to mimic the action of pressing the shutter button. People thought we had just finished taking a picture and became relaxed, but we were actually filming the moment.”
“The Pocket Cinema Camera has 13 stops of dynamic range, and I love the tone that the camera captures. When we finished filming, we edited the footage in our office. Not only that, but a colorist came to our office with his equipment to grade our footage. Since we shot ProRes, we could keep our workflow very simple, which allowed us to finish this project all in house,” said Ueno. “The edited timeline contained shots from various cameras, and the lighting conditions of each shot were different, so we had to make a consistent look for the entire timeline. With DaVinci Resolve, we could easily archive to balance out all the shots using a wide range of toolsets.”
After shooting, both Tanikawa and Ueno personally purchased Pocket Cinema Cameras because of the camera’s benefits. “Even if I am not working, for example, if I travel to New York and shoot something with the Pocket Cinema Camera, the footage can be used for my work, it’s so high quality. I couldn’t have done this before. The camera is very useful to film your own personal stock footage,” concluded Tanikawa.

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