Vizrt to demo new integrations with Adobe at NAB 2014

The two companies will demonstrate efficient video editing and production workflows.

Adobe NAB 2014 Vizrt

Las Vegas, NV – Vizrt and Adobe will demonstrate a smarter integration between their products at the 2014 NAB Show, enabling more streamlined and efficient video editing and production workflows. Adobe will host a social event on Vizrt’s NAB stand Wednesday, April 9th from 5-6pm featuring a demonstration of the integration between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Viz One.

During the show, the two companies will showcase the innovative integration between Viz One file-based media asset management (MAM) system and Adobe Premiere Pro CC—an industry leading nonlinear editing system (NLE)—and Adobe Anywhere, a collaborative workflow platform — resulting in a faster, more collaborative video editing experience.

Viz One integrates with Adobe Anywhere. This extends remote access to Viz One for search, browse, proxy editing, and for Adobe Premiere Pro CC editing. Adobe Anywhere accesses full resolution files on Viz One and provides a viewing stream based on the available bandwidth to the NLE. Video and graphics rendering takes place on the Adobe Anywhere server, which fosters real-time collaboration and media file sharing between creative team members from any location with high-speed LAN or WAN connectivity.

Viz One consists of a central server-based media asset management (MAM) system that can be hosted or locally integrated with the broadcast infrastructure in your facility. Built around extensive APIs, the system is easily adapted to your workflow. The system provides a lightweight web browser-based interface giving users access to content based on individual rights and permissions. Ingest, search, cut, group, share, repurpose and deliver content to both your control room and online platforms – from a normal desktop or laptop.

Vizrt and Adobe will also demonstrate an Adobe Premiere Pro CC content panel that enables tighter integration between Vizrt’s graphics plugin for NLEs—part of the Viz Trio and Viz Pilot live graphics systems. Rather than burning graphics into video and rendering a final version of the clip within the graphics plugin, this Adobe Premiere Pro CC plugin lets editors just save the graphics metadata with the newly edited video in Viz One. The video and graphics elements are moved into the playlist or rundown for play-out to air.

As a result, people in the control room can make last-minute changes to the graphics right up until they’re needed for the live show. The video and graphics elements can now be composited and rendered as finished clips when they are played out to air by Viz Trio or Viz Pilot.

Vizrt and Adobe will also demonstrate how Adobe After Effects CC projects are used in Viz Artist, Vizrt’s 3D modeling and animation software. The first version of linking Adobe After Effects CC and Viz Artist converts text, images, some solids and camera tracks into Vizrt elements. Layers and compositions, which Vizrt currently cannot convert, are rendered into a clip, imported into Vizrt’s Graphics Hub and tied to scene. All animations have the same time base as the clip.

“Adobe has been fantastic to work with, providing seamless integrations for file-based workflows between our flagship products. Our mutual customer bases will benefit from the increased productivity, capabilities, and flexibility this Adobe/Vizrt integration affords,” said Gerhard Lang, Chief Engineering Officer for Vizrt. “Integration with Adobe is a natural fit for Vizrt because we both share the goal of empowering our customers creatively.”

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