The Foundry releases Nuke 8

This new version includes more creative control, cutting-edge advancements and future proofed 3D workflows.

node based compositor Nuke 8 The Foundry

London – Software developer, The Foundry has released the new version of its powerful node based compositor, Nuke.

The list of features include the new Dope Sheet, allowing artists see and move keys around in the context of a timeline style view, and a brand new Text node letting artists compose, edit and animate directly in the viewer.

There are big updates to Nuke’s grading and colour correction tools with a new intuitive in-panel colour wheel to control hue, saturation and value as well as scope tools to help users analyse the picture such as waveform, vectorscope and histogram viewers, and a pixel analyser. There is also a new Match Grade node enhancing Nuke’s grading capabilities.

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