Frankie helps get the job done for Indonesian campaign

Video review platform developed by Australian company Cospective helps international productions.

ABC Alkaline TVC Chou Senko Cospective Frankie video review platform

Such projects are often challenging but with six companies involved, across three continents, speaking three different languages, the complexities were magnified. Enter Frankie. The video-sharing platform that enables multiple parties around the world to collaborate in real time at various stages of post-production, seamlessly, clearly and irrespective of internet speeds. Showing, rather than explaining, eliminates ambiguity and overcomes potential language barriers. 

Although Frankie (built upon the same technology as Cospective’s Academy Award winning cineSync software) is still relatively new to market, customers all over the world are already enjoying its benefits on a wide range of different projects.  Takeshi Takada, executive producer at Alt.vfx, says the platform assists in all stages of workflow, from concept design to final feedback. 

“The real-time discussions and feedback we receive from clients cuts huge amounts of time spent going back and forth between client, director and other artists we collaborate with,” he said. “It allows us to show exactly what we are talking about, rather than trying to relay information over email or phone.”

Frankie is offered on a flexible, monthly subscription basis, making it easy activate as needed for individual projects.  Users can try Frankie for free, using a fully featured trial account, then later convert it to a paid subscription with all the same account details.

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