FICCI-Yes Bank study aims to boost film tourism in India

Study says film tourism policy must encourage local job growth, offer tax breaks and fast track clearances.

FICCI FICCI-Yes Bank study film production in India film tourism India film tourism shooting in India

New Delhi – In a bid to spur film tourism in India, a FICCI-Yes Bank study called for policy initiatives mandating the need to employ Indian crew in foreign films shot in India, protection of the local culture, fast tracking of clearances, non-violation of human rights and location-specific and general tax breaks for the days of shooting.

The FICCI-Yes Bank study outlined a five-point agenda for giving a boost to film tourism:

Inclusiveness through film tourism: India looks at a huge working population and a new field like film tourism offers increasing potential to address the employment issue. The young and gifted graduates are not only looking for employment opportunities but also opportunities to gain experience on field. Thus the young talents could find gainful employment with the foreign crew. India’s policy needs to put in a percentage of Indian crew involvement in the policy prescriptions.

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