‘Wildebeest 3D’ post-produced on Mistika

BTV Post delivers stunning results using Mistika's Stereo 3D toolsets to immerse viewers in the centre of the action of an epic animal mass migration across Africa

3net Animal Planet BTV Post Electric Sky Productions HDTV mistika Ross Copeland SGO SGO mistika Sky 3D stereo 3D wildebeest Wildebeest 3D wildlife documentary

The Wildebeest Migration 3D; Electric Sky Productions for Animal Planet, 3Net & Sky 3D.

London – BTV Post used SGO’s Mistika for the entire post production of landmark documentary Wildebeest 3D, produced by Electric Sky Productions for Animal Planet, 3Net and Sky 3D.

The film takes viewers on an epic journey of one of the planet’s most incredible natural history events that takes place every year across Tanzania’s Serengeti Plains covering 2000 miles. Phenomenal footage portraying close-up action at  the centre of a migrating herd of over 2 million wildebeest, is captured for the first time in Stereo 3D, featuring scenes of Thomson’s gazelles, Burchell’s zebras, lions, cheetah, leopards, hyenas, vultures and pythons. The stunning documentary film aired on Animal Planet, 3Net, Sky 1 and is still airing on Sky 3D channels.

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