The Look rocks with Mistika’s stunning colour grading of a Queen Concert film

Leading award-winning colourist Thomas Urbye and junior colourist Jason Wallis worked their creative magic using Mistika to deliver a high calibre masterpiece.

colour grading Eagle Rock Entertainment production workflow Queen Productions The Look

Rosie Holley, Manager of Productions at Eagle Rock Entertainment said, “As a first time client of The Look, I was very impressed with the creative skill that Thomas Urbye brought to the project, as a colourist with a background in drama, he identified the drama that Queen have as live performers and enhanced it on screen.”

The Look transformed the ungraded scanned negative from 35mm film footage, conformed and then graded it before handing it on to artist Simon Marbrook. Holley added, “Because of The Look’s bespoke approach to the project, we were able to move seamlessly between Simon and Thomas and were able to complement each other’s work beautifully. All was overseen by The Look’s Dan Marbrook who has a calm and open minded approach to production workflow which meant we were able to get the absolute best from the individuals involved.”

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