SilhouetteFX releases version 5

Silhouette’s most significant upgrade includes raster/vector hybrid paint system, planar tracking via mocha Pro, and more.

2D to 3D conversion 3D Impact Media mocha Pro planar tracking raster vector hybrid paint system rotoscoping shape-based warping and morphing Silhouette Version 5 SilhouetteFX

Auto Paint: A breakthrough innovation providing the speed and detail of raster-based paint systems with the repeatability and animation capability of vector-based paint systems. The raster-based nature of each stroke is logged into a database, available to be instantly played back using keyframes or trackers in a manner similar to vector-based paint systems.

Jeremy Cho, rotoscoping and paint supervisor on Ted, said of Silhouette V5 and Auto Paint, The new Silhouette offers enhanced features and tools to tackle complex rotoscoping and painting tasks with greater efficiency. When it comes to frame-by-frame painting, the best of both worlds combine within this package: the speed of rasterization and the flexibility of non-destructive painting. Silhouette is a vital rotoscoping and paint tool here at Tippett Studio.”

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