SilhouetteFX releases version 5

Silhouette’s most significant upgrade includes raster/vector hybrid paint system, planar tracking via mocha Pro, and more.

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Silhouette V5 roto tool

Los Angeles – SilhouetteFX announced the release of Silhouette V5 tool for stereo roto, paint and keying. Silhouette is greatly enhanced by an innovative raster / vector hybrid paint system, semi-automatic 2D to 3D conversion, a fresh look at shape-based warping and morphing, and the inclusion of Academy Award-winning planar tracking technology from Imagineer System’s mocha Pro.

“Silhouette V5 is a mandatory update. When everyone thought that roto software can’t improve anymore, Silhouette comes along with impressive new tools,” said Magno Borgo of Boundary Visual Effects. Among the new features are:

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