SLR partners KOJO on ‘Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures’

SLR productions names South Australia’s KOJO as investor and post-production partner on 'Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures'.

KOJO Network Ten Sam Fox Screen Australia SLR Productions South Australian Film Corporation ZDF Enterprises

Green-lighted for production following investment from Network Ten, ZDF Enterprises, Screen Australia and the South Australian Film Corporation, the Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures series (26×24’) will be targeted at 8-12-year-olds and will premiere on Network Ten in Australia and will be distributed internationally by ZDF Enterprises. 

The series will be produced in South Australia utilising the brand new world-class film studios at the South Australian Film Corporation. 

Suzanne Ryan, Executive Producer, Producer and CEO of SLR Productions, said, “I am thrilled to announce KOJO as a partner on ‘Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures’.  This series is bringing together the very best of local and international partners so combining these with South Australia’s outstanding creative talent, landscape and resources will ensure ‘Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures’ has global appeal in its demographic.”

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