DaVinci Resolve provides color grading for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie

DaVinci Resolve tackles color correction in Frankenweenie' grading in black and white.

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Grading in black and white presents unique challenges for color correction, as Frankenweenie required some real sculpting to pull out specific areas of the frame and accentuate certain elements to tell the story. DaVinci Resolve’s auto tracking functions addressed this challenge. In particular, Pizzey used DaVinci Resolve’s auto key framing function for very difficult hand animated shapes.

“So we graded the 2D version of the film first. Once that was signed off by Tim, the 3D data was delivered to Company 3. Now, on some 3D films, one eye of the 3D is common to the 2D version. However, that wasn’t the case on Frankenweenie and so there were effectively three films to conform and grade: 2D, left eye and right eye. It was a big job and we had to make certain that nothing slipped through the net on any version,” Pizzey added.

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