Jùnger Audio to highlight audio loudness control solutions at BIRTV 2012

Jùnger Audio solutions target loudness control issues in the broadcast industry.

*AP ARIB TR-B32 ATSC A/85 audio loudness control BIRTV BIRTV 2012 C8000 D*AP D*AP LM2 EBU R128 ITU 1770 Jùnger Audio Level Magic LM4 Loudness Logger M*AP T*AP

Completing Jünger Audio’s BIRTV lineup is the Loudness Logger, a tool that offers customers of all Jünger Audio levelling processors an easy way to monitor the development of the loudness over time. Using this new software, broadcasters can monitor in real time or by analyzing previously stored loudness log files. The Loudness Logger works with Jünger Audio’s entire range of new box processors as well as with recent versions of LEVEL MAGIC cards in the modular C8000 system.

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