TMC to preview animated series at Anime Expo 2012

Series features an extra terrestrial discovering the value of Earth and its cars.

Anime Expo Anime Expo 2012 PES PES: Peace Eco Smile Studio4C TMC Tokyo International Anime Fair Toyota Toyota City Toyota Motor

Toyota City, Japan – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will screen the animated series PES: Peace Eco Smile at the upcoming Anime Expo 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Produced in collaboration with Japanese animation studio Studio4C, PES tells the story of Pes, an extraterrestrial who discovers the value of Earth and its cars through his unique alien perspective.

A preview of PES was shown at the Tokyo International Anime Fair held in March 2012.

PES episodes are available for viewing on a special PES page on TMC’s website starting June 23. TMC plans to conduct a variety of programs including screening events in Tokyo and exhibitions at other events in Japan.

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