Digital Vision enhances Pixar’s Brave film

Digital Vision’s Nucoda Mastering Solutions has been supporting Pixar’s vision of an innovative, non-linear pipeline.

Brave Cars 2 Digital Vision Film Master Gamma Matrix Nucoda Nucoda 2012.1 Nucoda Film Master Nucoda Mastering Solutions OpenEXR Pixar Toy Story 3

Digital Vision has continued its long standing relationship with Pixar Animation Studios (Cars 2, Toy Story 3) in the finishing of Brave, Pixar’s 13th animated feature.

Over the past five years, Digital Vision’s Nucoda Mastering Solutions has supported Pixar’s vision of an innovative, non-linear pipeline through the Film Master, which enables powerful color grading, ACES workflow, and the ability to easily deliver the vast array of assets that are required in a global theatrical and digital ecosystem.

The Film Master provided Pixar a color workflow with true HDR support using 16-bit half-float OpenEXR, real-time playback of 16-bit half-float files and crucially a real time Gamma Matrix tool for colour space conversion. Initially installing one high-end color grading Nucoda Film Master, Pixar subsequently added the Precision grading panel.

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