Industry experts trace the restoration of the 1983 murder mystery Kaun Kaise at Shemaroo Studios using the Archangel Ph.C-HD. Through use of Archangel Ph.C-HD’s real-time dirt, noise, scratch and instability repair, Shemaroo restoration experts were able to rapidly restore the gripping crime thriller to the high quality needed for today’s transmission.

Archangel Ph.C – HD case study Kaun Kaise

Many broadcasters are keen to re-broadcast movie classics, so when Kaun Kaise, originally produced in 1983, was required for TV transmission, it was clear that restoration was needed to meet today’s quality requirements. The film had major problems such as pinholes, scratches and lines, to mention a few. It had also been damaged a lot during almost 30 years of storage.

Shemaroo Studios is one of the world’s largest content houses. From their many years in the film business, Shemaroo understands the importance of content management.

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