Luma Pictures Animates Underworld: Awakening with OptiTrack Mocap system

Optical Mocap set-up used by “Underworld: Awakening" animation team and directors as a previs and animation tool.

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As Luma prototyped character animation and virtual cinematography alongside the film’s directorial team, new ideas could be fleshed out in real-time and then baked onto a character’s control rig for further post-animation in Maya. A just-released short was created by Filter Foundry to document this process and can be seen here on OptiTrack’s website.

One of the film’s most high-profile shots, in which Quint Lane (Holden-Reid’s human character) violently transforms into a 13 ft. werewolf, was captured using 12 OptiTrack S250e cameras and a 24’ x 24’ stage designed specifically for the project. Observing the data as it was retargeted in MotionBuilder, in real-time, enabled the team to immediately identify the movements that could be most convincingly translated into the final transformation sequence.

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